Waterloo: Station, Destination, Shared Aspiration – Community Voices

29th June 2023

Build Studios and WeAreWaterloo joined forces to deliver a London Festival of Architecture¬† event on the proposed masterplan for Waterloo Station and other major schemes such as Stanhope’s 5.5m acre Royal Street project.

The focus of the session was ensuring that all members of Waterloo’s diverse community – from independent retailers, to local workers, cultural venues and local residents – all benefited from the huge amount of development on the horizon.

There was a lot of discussion about the importance of hearing young people’s voices in the development of major schemes with long lead times and making sure that the benefits in terms of employment opportunities were clearly communicated to the community.

Other questions focused on the complexity of the scheme and how best to translate that in a non-technical way and short-term, creative and meanwhile interventions that could deliver on some of the aspirations of the masterplan before major development comes on line.