The future of successful community engagement – new report launched

24th March 2021

On 25 February, a group of community engagement specialists came together in a virtual roundtable event to ask, ‘How can we work together to shape our towns and cities for the better?’.

The thought-provoking discussion is presented in full in an exclusive new report How can we work together to shape our towns and cities for the better?

Hosted by Build Studios in partnership with community engagement app SitePodium, the event offered important insight into how developers can be more inclusive and collaborative in their approach and how local communities can be empowered to shape their environment in a positive way.

Digital tools were found to be an important part of the solution, due to their ability to provide real-time updates and offer a round-the-clock communication channel for local communities. Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the responsibilities of construction firms and barriers to engagement were also discussed.

Participants included

The conversation was facilitated by Build Studios chief executive Helen Santer .