Q&A with Stuart Wilks of Limeslade Consulting

21st December 2018

Stuart Wilks and Annie Clift of Limeslade Consulting recently joined Build Studios.  Limeslade Consulting offers business development, marketing strategy and event management services to the construction, legal and real estate sectors.  They also run the hugely popular battle of the bands fundraiser Expertise Rocks.

Here Stuart answers some questions about setting up the business and the challenges facing today’s built environment sector…

Tell us the background to Limeslade Consulting – how and why it started?

I left my previous role at one of the world’s largest construction consultancies in 2017 and didn’t know what to do next! But after eighteen years of working in construction, I thought someone ought to be able to use my knowledge and skills. It turns out they do, and we’ve had great fun with a number of clients. Annie joined me from the same firm in April this year.  We now help numerous businesses grow and develop through a fresh perspective on their marketing and business growth.

What are you currently working on?

We’re working on a few projects – a full marketing support service to some businesses including a QS practice in the North West. Some strategic business advice to a consultancy in Guildford and we’re organising a construction law event in Dubai. We’re also helping a charity with fundraising in London through a charity battle of the bands, www.expertiserocks.com .

What has been your most exciting project to date?

Probably working with our favourite client. Although a well-established business, they’re just starting to see the fruits of their marketing efforts. We’re really enjoying seeing their business fly and working with them to ensure they become the next big thing!

What is the best thing about basing your business at Build Studios?

Annie found it purely by luck. It’s a fantastic place to be based. Sitting with people who are working in our sector allows us to really immerse ourselves in the industry and avoids us feeling isolated, which would be really easy when you’re in start-up mode. It’s also extremely cost effective.

What do you think is the most significant challenge facing today’s built environment sector?

From our perspective, I guess there are a few challenges. The future of PFI is a big issue, as we were inadvertently hit quite badly by the Carillion debacle. Hopefully Interserve can stave off any issues that might be on the horizon. There’s the ‘B’ word, but who knows where that will take us! Hopefully it won’t impact our business too much. And finally the issue of retentions strikes us as a real issue, particularly for small to medium businesses. We’ve done some work with the very impressive folk at BESA (Building Engineering Services Association). They are pushing for the private members bill to change the way retentions are dealt with. Whatever happens, it seems that issue will be dealt with in some way.

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