Build Studios at The Gingerbread City

15th December 2023

This year Build Studios took part in the Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City. Participants this year had to consider the theme of water in cities and had a choice of plots between the five zones including canal city, underwater city, frozen landscape and urban floodplains.

The Build Studios ‘Ice-Pickle Academy’ sits within the Frozen Landscape, a horticultural school with a central greenhouse and connected pickling labs dedicated to serving the local community. A vital hub and learning centre for growing and preserving in harsh conditions, ensuring sustenance during the scarcity of fresh produce. The practical tradition of pickling not only feeds the local community but also defines distinctive regional flavours, contributing to the culinary heritage of the community in the face of ever-changing landscapes.

Upon visiting the Ice Pickle Academy be sure to take a view through the dome for the best view! (We could say this was our intention but reality calls and we must confess to a construction oversight)

A big thank you to our build and design teams and the little elves that helped us. 

Design Team: Bella and Leia 

Contractor: Helen

Construction elves: Robbie, Alex, Lorna, Stuart, and Nikisha 

The exhibition runs until January 7th at Westfield Shephard’s Bush. Grab tickets for your visit here