Stories by Shabnam Noor Residential Architects London

Stories by Shabnam Noor Architects

Stories by Shabnam Noor is an Architecture and Interior Design practice focused on creating refined designs that inspire and excite at their core, thus elevating the potential of any living space for those who demand more out of life.

They pull the client to centre stage, allowing them to become an integral element of the design process. By really listening to the client, they ensure that each design idea solves a problem. Every architectural detail is designed to delight and enhance the experience of the space.

Their design philosophy is contemporary and when working with historic fabric it is to make modern interventions which express themselves as distinct architectural elements within the fabric. For their London projects they have a track record of successfully working alongside local authorities and heritage bodies to positively gain planning approvals and listed building consents. Outside London they work with larger estates and country retreats on projects ranging from historic restorations to contemporary new-builds.

Services include: Full Architectural Services, Interior Design, Construction Management, and Feasibility Studies.  They can also host an Inspiration and Discovery Workshop – a collaborative exercise at your home or site to identify your ideas and vision for your home.

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